Time to turn on the “Heat”


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Donovan Lee, Sports Editor / HTV Station Manager

After taking a 0-2 deficit in the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat were faced with odds that weren’t in their favor. For them, this would be a first in the 2020 rendition of the NBA Playoffs.


The road to get to the Finals became quite smooth for the team from South Beach. Each round was total domination as head coach Eric Spoelstra led this young team, headed by veteran Jimmy Butler, into an environment no team had ever seen before.


Miami would be at a disadvantage, not having Bam Adebayo under the rim and Goran Dragic on the court with them for Game 3. Butler stated in a press conference earlier this week that he may have “figured something out” in how to win moving forward.


The game would take off as normal with both squads going back and forth early on. Miami would eventually pick up the pace, to the surprise of many, and take a commanding lead, going by as many as 14 in the game. They would lead 58-54 at halftime and hold that lead through the third quarter.


During the final twelve minutes of action, the Lakers would hustle their way to tying the game and would even take the lead but only for a matter of seconds. Miami would battle back and go on a 24-13 run to seal the game and save themselves from going down 3-0 in the series.


Not only did Butler produce what many believe to be an all-time Finals performance, but rookie and twenty year old Tyler Herro has also been exceeding expectations as he is playing a level of basketball unprecedented for a first-timer on a stage like this. He finished Game 3 with 17 points, along with the same stat from Kelly Olynyk who came off the bench for the Heat.


The NBA Finals will continue with Game 4 on Tuesday night, airing on ABC. Tip-off will be at 8 p.m.