Music department faculty “shows off”

At the Music Department’s Faculty Showcase, I saw a wide variety of instruments. Everything from a simple claranet to an instrument called the alphorn that I had never seen before. There was singing and a little bit of comedy when one of the professors altered a song from Hamlet and made it about COVID, encouraging people to wear their masks.

The day after the showcase I got to do an interview with the lovely Dr. Dimond. He played multiple different instruments in the showcase, which shows that he has talent not only with one but with multiples.

The showcase, while it was beautiful, Dr. Dimond agreed with me on the fact that it would have been better had they not had to do it outside. Due to COVID, the music department had no choice in the matter. The wind, a random car alarm, and birds were all effects of being outside that weren’t really part of the showcase.

While the conditions were not perfect, Dr. Dimond told me that the musical performers are ”craving opportunities to play ” during this COVID. Everyone has shut down for the season.

He said that he thought the showcase went well and that the audience definitely seemed to like it. Audience member Breanna Weeks certainly agreed with him.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the twist on the pieces,” Weeks said. “I particularly liked Bewitched because while I have heard other renditions of it before it was quite unique.”

There is another showcase that will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 12:20 pm. It will be at the RFA patio next to the Quad and masks and social distancing will again be required. I personally plan to attend.

“I will most definitely be attending other musical events on campus,” Weeks said.

Again, there was a wide variety of musical talent and I believe there was something there to suit most people’s taste. The music faculty did an amazing job and I look forward to whatever is in store for us at the next event.


Students and faculty gather on the Quad to experience a COVID-safe musical event. (Kelly Stiles)