Update: COVID on campus


Haven Hughes, Contributing Reporter

COVID-19 shut our campus down at the end of spring semester, and is no stranger to affecting life campus. COVID continues to spread, even when students and faculty follow safety precautions recommended by the CDC.


“The University still has a mask requirement in place for anybody inside a University building, and certainly anytime you cannot social distance,”  vice president of student affairs and student success Brad Patterson said.


According to the HSU COVID Dashboard, we currently have one student positive test, which makes it a total of 64 cases since July. Right now we also have nine students who are in quarantine awaiting test results. All information on the dashboard represents the previous twenty-four hours, and will continue to be updated. 

“We are still recommending proper hand washing, and have set up classrooms for correct social distancing, and have taken furniture out of areas for safety as well,” Patterson said.


On the dashboard is a “self-reporting” form where you can report if you have been tested, came in contact with COVID-19, or if you have symptoms. Also on the dashboard are other drop down boxes where you will be directed to different topics about our campus, and what precautions are being taken for our safety. 


 “We are making sure we follow all requirements so we can break the curve,” Patterson said.