I hate to burst your bubble


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Jaylon McEwen, Sports Reporter

If you have been a fan of the NBA, then there is no doubt that this season is a little different compared to previous ones. The season started just like any other season would with teams going along with their regularly scheduled games. Suddenly tragedy struck with the emergence of COVID-19  that caused the season to come to an abrupt halt.

This certainly caused a wave of controversy amongst fans and players who have not seen a sudden stoppage of play since the 2011 lockout. Of course, with the little knowledge possessed on the virus itself, it was only right to take necessary precautions. That is when the idea of “The Bubble,” was put into play, but how do the fans feel about the experience one might ask?

“I think The Bubble was a good idea for players and fans. As much as I wanted to be there and enjoy the atmosphere of a real live game, this was just more beneficial to the players and fan’s safety.” said senior physical education major Shaun Williams-Hart.

“I think The Bubble was the best option to keep everyone safe. It may be less entertaining than watching the games live, but it is a necessary precaution that we all have to be responsible enough to take.” said junior health and human performance major Caleb McKissick.

While things may be a little different this season one can still find joy in watching their favorite players and teams compete for an NBA title while still staying safe.