Continuing Arkansas COVID-19 case update from Arkansas Department of Health

Arkansas Department of Health

According to the Arkansas Department of Health Administration in its COVID-19 update, a total of 894 deaths have occurred in the state as of Aug. 10. In reference to ADH’s graph, there are a total of 65,377 cases with 6,188 active and 58,295 recovered.

The counties are colored by light to dark in terms of density of cases. 

The Dispatch will post an updated version of this graph weekly according to what is available from the Department of Health and state officials.

As the cases continue to rise, more and more states are reverting back to more strict quarantine and social distance rules. 

Masks are nearly universally required to enter most businesses. They are available in most grocery and convenience stores.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced in early August that contact sports are expected to continue as planned in the fall. Football players may only practice in helmets, however.

Schools have begun opening at both collegiate and pre-collegiate levels. They have many guidelines in place that were recommended by the ADH.

People are encouraged to continue social distancing and staying at least six feet away from others. Testing is widely available in most cities.