Mayor Kelley on the aftermath of Hurricane Laura in Gurdon

Sherry Kelley

Hurricane Laura blew through Gurdon last week. Flooding and tree damage were left in the wake of the storm. The wind was strong and sustained. The pelting rain flew sideways and the streets were covered in limbs and pine straw. It could have been much worse. I’m very thankful that we kept our power and only a couple of trees came down. 

U.S. Census workers are in town trying to count those that failed to send in their report. If you see a Census worker at a vacant home, help them out. Give them any information that may be helpful. These workers have a challenge before them. Firstly, people don’t want to open their doors to strangers, especially during the pandemic. Secondly, they have less time than their predecessors to complete the count. 

We have made it to September, the summer of 2020 is behind us. Gurdon will play Prescott on the football field this Friday. The town is excited to see the match up. Back to school is going well and the weather is turning cooler. 

My mom, Mary Lewis is back at it, making signs. I am very proud that her Gurdon Go-Devils “G” sign (which hangs in front of the purple facade on Main Street) made it through the hurricane with flying colors, literally. Now she is working on some new signs for the Gurdon Light Parking Area. It is just about time for some spooky fun. Seeking a sighting of the Gurdon Light seems like a perfect outdoor activity during the Corona Virus. We should have all of our signs up and some markers on the trail very soon.