Have a story to tell? Start a blog.

Kelly Stiles, Editor in Chief

Forced to stay at home with not much to do may be the perfect opportunity to channel creativity into a blog. Writing a blog is a fantastic way to express oneself, boost self-confidence, build one’s writing skills, and construct a larger social network, according to Huffington Post.


“Humans are story-telling creatures,” chair of communication and theatre arts Michael Taylor said. “Blogs are just a new tool for something we have been doing since humanity began.” 

As professor of media writing and magazine and feature writing, Taylor often suggests that his students perform an online search about how to start blogs. Taylor recommends the websites Blogger and  Word Press for those looking to produce a blog. These sites contain instructions on creating a successful blog and provide easy-to-use platforms on which to construct one.


“Try to think of a narrow niche,” Taylor said.


Since there are many blogs parading the internet, it is important to be different. There are many bloggers who write about sports in general, but someone blogging about Reddie football would have little to no competition on that specific subject. Creating a point of view and a title that is unique and hard to duplicate draws readership. Most importantly, one should choose a blog topic that they are passionate about.


“Many people have had success creating a long project on installment at a time,” Taylor said.


Another way in which to devise a blog is to write several installments of a term situation that already happened. An example of this would be someone writing about their year living in France or their first months of Army boot camp. One could also write fiction in the form of blog posts. The movie “The Martian” is based off of the blog of Andy Weir, who had previously never written science fiction.


“A lot of people like to start blogs then abandon it,” Taylor said.


Taylor proposes that those who start a blog should be committed to updating their blog once a week for at least six months. It is common for individuals to write one or two riveting blog entries then fail to continue. For those who simply want to write in order to vent and relieve stress, it may be best to write in a journal or word processor to eliminate the pressure of deadlines and tailoring to the audience.


“It is really fun, and great for people who like to write,” blog writer and junior Spanish and communications major Ashlyn Lee at Louisiana State University said.

Blog writer and junior Spanish and communications major Ashlyn Lee at Louisiana State University shares advice from a blogger’s perspective.

Lee began her blog “Straight Up Livin ” in Dec. of 2018 about her life as an LSU student. In her writing, she delves into what the first semester at a large university feels like, her thoughts as she leaves her dorm for the summer, and how her presence on social media can often feel different from what is happening in her life.


To gain readers, Lee recommends sharing links to new blog posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. She also endorses establishing and adhering to a schedule in order to regularly update the blog. A schedule can prove useful in the midst of a busy life.


“Do your own thing,” Lee said.


The most rewarding and ethical way to create a blog is to produce original content. Lee expresses that authentic writing is time consuming but worth it. Receiving positive feedback on an original piece of work is a great feeling.