Ain’t No Rest For The Ballers

Story by Jordan WIlliams, Sports Reporter


 As classes came to a close in early December the campus grew empty as students left campus to return home for a much needed and well deserved break. The same cannot be said for the Reddies basketball teams who stayed hard at work over the break to stay in post season contention. 

Over the break both the men and women’s teams found great success both on the road and at home. Starting off the men’s team had back to back huge blowout wins against both Ecclesia College the final score being 112 – 67 and Paul Quinn College 102 – 64. 

Both of these devastating victories saw huge scoring outputs from the Reddies. Against Ecclesia, our starting five combined for 89 of 112 points scored with Matt Panaggio coming off the bench scoring 16 points off on 6 -7 shooting from the field. 

Against Paul Quinn College Kaylon Tappin connected on 5 – 11 three’s along with Chris Parker pouring in 19 points connecting on of 7 -9 from the field and 3 – 3 from 3 with Matt Panaggio and Eric Dailey both contributing 10 points off the bench in the 102 – 64 victory. 

Though dominant on home court we could not carry the dominance we displayed in our back to back blow out victories with back to back loses. The first lost came against East Central College a game which saw our team connect on only 27 – 60 field goal attempts and 5 – 15 field 3 pointers with very little bench production. The bench was unable to provide any sort of spark giving the team 11 points on the night in 75 – 109 loss. 

The next defeat came as an oddity with the final score being a very rare. It was a low scoring game that saw the final score 58 – 60 to Southeastern Oklahoma. The game was not decided until the final moments. 

With the score 58 – 59 and only 9 seconds left, the Reddies stole the ball and rushed it up court to try and secure a late game lead. A missed jumper turned into a loose ball which turned into a foul and late game free throws that secured the game for Southeastern Oklahoma. 

To wrap up the break the men’s team split the last two games going into the last week of the break, returning home to take down Arkansas Tech 106 – 96 but hitting the road ounce again to suffer what has been an entire season of road losses losing to Monticello 72 – 82. 

The Women’s team took the break in full stride and showing complete and utter dominance going 5 – 0. Now I could go in depth about the teams that we beat and the great individual performances that our players had but I feel like that would belabor the point… this team is just great. 

Top to bottom, this team as it is currently constructed is an amazing team. A great example of this would be our last win against Arkansas Tech, a game that saw the final score 75 – 52. 

The final score saw us end the game with a dominant 23 point margin, but there’s more to this win that just the final score. It’s how we got to the final score that is so important by playing selfless basketball. 

Our team scores and defends as a team. On the offensive end of the court, there is constant ball movement and communication ensuring that the player with the best look takes the best shot or set solid screens to give players open lanes to the basket. 

We make up for our lack of effective rebounding with our ability to beat the team on the defensive end of the ball. This team has been amazing since the moment it took the court for its first regular season game and it doesn’t seem like they plan on slowing down anytime soon.