Is time travel taboo?

Matthew Jones, Contributing Reporter

Animal Crossing New Horizons came out a few weeks ago for the Nintendo Switch. Its release spawned a debate within the community of whether or not time travel is something that should be done within the game.


As someone who is new to Animal Crossing, I figured it would be appropriate to search for the answer to whether or not time traveling in the game is an actual real strategy or just a cheap way of getting ahead of everyone else.


Before you can understand the community’s opinion on time travel you need to know what exactly it means. Time-traveling in Animal Crossing is when a player sets their Nintendo Switch clock forward or backward in order to trick the game into thinking the time and date is different so that you can do different things.


In order to better understand time travel and what the community thinks of it I went to Reddit and Twitter. I wrote a post on Reddit asking its users if they time traveled and why or why not. I got different types of replies explaining their stance on everything. One Reddit user said, “ I don’t because that’s not how the game is meant to play… but I have a friend who’s doing it to complete her museum and I don’t really care.” Another reply said that they used it to speed up construction and nothing else. Overall on Reddit, the community seems to not care if people time travel or not and they all have very good reasons as to why they do or don’t time travel.


After being surprised by the neutrality on Reddit, I decided to go to Twitter and search Animal Crossing time travel in order to view all tweets about the subject. This led to a very different mood than Reddit did. On Twitter, the community had a very us vs them mentality. It seemed that either you time travel and ridicule those who don’t or you don’t time travel and call those who do “not real fans.”


While scrolling through Twitter, I found a tweet by a user that read, “If you time travel in Animal Crossing you do not exist.” This post led to many others arguing in the replies. The reason I say arguing instead of debating is because the comments were less about preferences and more insults about thrown at anyone who disagreed.


At the end of the day, the answer to whether or not time travel is accepted in the community changes depending on how you feel. From my time of trying to find this answer, it seems to simply be that if time-traveling makes the game more fun for you then do it.