A Different Look At COVID-19

Jaylon McEwen, Sports Reporter

Now looking at the title one may be confused but just let me say now that I by no means believe this virus to be a blessing in disguise. Individuals are losing their lives out here every day and the death toll continues to escalate. However, as a college student I’ve noticed we have been receiving a few perks and breaks because of this whole situation.

For example, classes being moved to online continuation provided students time to prioritize and get things done separately with a little time management. Online lectures allow you to multi-task and get work done as well while still being able to absorb the information needed to help you on your next task.

Also if you’re like me and already have your work done you can have a little fun while in these lectures. My preferred form is listening to professors in my headphones while doing a little gaming on the side.

There is also the recent surfacing of the CARES act that allows students to receive a form of compensation due to the pandemic. Students can earn up to a total of 850 dollars, which may be few to some considering how much college costs in general. However, something is a lot better than nothing at all.

Once again I feel it needs to be said that this situation is very serious and undeniably tragic when thinking about the loved ones lost. It is during these times we have to look for the good laying very deep within the bad and make the best of the situation dealt. Hopefully, everyone is staying safe and keeping a social distance until this tragedy concludes.