Pandemic positivity

Donovan Lee, Sports Editor / HTV Station Manager

Athletes Find Ways to Pass the Time During Quarantine


On March 12, the United States government issued rules for all major assemblies to be halted due to the spread of COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus. Instantly, the sports world took the first hits from these decisions, as March Madness would commence the following week and the NBA playoffs in weeks to come. With all sporting events on hold, no one knew what to expect or what the future held for the unforeseeable days to come.


Lucky for sports fans, there is no such thing as a “stoppage” when it comes to athletics. In moments such as these, we begin to see the intuitive and creative sides of professional athletes and the likes of them. Social media would begin being used in a way that would benefit all.


Professionals took to social media to keep in touch with fans and give them a different way to be entertained while being isolated through the pandemic. TikTok is an app that has quickly risen to popularity through the creation of videos similar to those from Vine, the discontinued app from the 2010s. Athletes are taking part in recreating videos of trending dances and tricks, as well as just going live on Instagram to do Q&A sessions to interact with fans and other celebrities.


Not only has social media risen in activity, but sports networks are finding ways to keep you entertained during what can be a discouraging time. ESPN has hosted a virtual HORSE competition, where athletes would connect through video chat and play a live game of HORSE in a tournament-style format. Other major sports entertainment hubs have incorporated video games into the mix, beginning live streaming Call of Duty tournaments played by notable athletes, as well as NBA 2K tournaments and MLB: The Show competitions. 


Remaining optimistic in times like this is imperative. No one knows when this will end, but the sooner the better. Until then, enjoy watching your favorite athletes find ways to stay occupied while being quarantined! Now is also a great time to take up a new hobby to improve your health and educate yourself.