Ultimate Fighting Or Mortal Kombat


Jaylon McEwen, Sports Reporter

With the world coming to an abrupt halt with the threat of COVID-19 the beloved world of sports has had to postpone its regular schedule. For the first time in NCAA history, the men and women’s basketball tournament has been canceled. 

Every league that was in playing in the season has ceased normal actions from the NBA to the MLB. However, one organization and their respective president has decided to try and take a stand against this virus and bring the people the entertainment they so desperately desire during these times of quarantine.

The man in reference is none other than Ultimate Fighting Championship’s president of operations Dana White. White has roughly been with the company for a little over nine years and has generated more than a fair share of the revenue. His willingness and do whatever it takes attitude plays a good part in his success as an entrepreneur.

White has currently generated buzz within the media with his latest statement explaining how he intends on still hosting fights but without the attendance of an audience. The UFC president also went on to say that he has secured a private island in which international fighters who can not make it back into the United States may have a place to fight as well. 

When social media got a hold of this information they immediately began making references to Mortal Kombat. For those unfamiliar with the storyline of Mortal Kombat or “MK” for short, fighters of Earth are sent to an island in which they fight for the freedom of the planet against Demons and other monsters. 

Although Dana White may be no Shang Tsung the comparison of situations may not be so far fetched as the comedians of media have laid it out to be. White has certainly given the fans the hope they needed in times like this where hope is a powerful emotion.

However, the real question remains that if the fights at this island do commence will Bruce Buffer simply announce the winner as he always does or rise from a throne near the ring and exclaim the words “Finish Him.”