Spring Student Athletes Get Answers On Eligibility And More

Hannah Hodge, Sports Editor

After almost a month of no sports globally, every college athlete that participated in a spring sport as a senior has been thinking of one thing, their eligibility. Since the deadly COVID-19 virus took storm the NCAA has been making tough calls in what lies ahead for student-athletes. The month of March was a big month for the student-athletes as the NCAA committee began vocalizing their decisions on eligibility, recruiting periods and financial aid via Twitter. Below are copies of the quotes posted by the NCAA DII Compliance Committee and the NCAA Division II Committee. 





March 20th update: 

“The Division II Administrative Committee adopted a resolution to specify that institutional athletics aid agreements cannot be issued until at least April 15 to align with recruiting dead period. The committee also clarified the application of extension of eligibility waivers they apply only to student-athletes who have exhausted their athletics eligibility after the spring 2020 term, and it is not necessary for student-athletes to have used a season of competition in a spring sport during the 2019–2020 academic year” “All spring sport student-athletes will be granted an additional season of eligibility as a result of the cancellation of the spring season. Senior spring sport student-athletes will qualify for an extension of their eligibility clock to use an additional season.”


March 25th update:

 “The Division II administrative committee clarified application of the self-applied season of competition waivers and extension of eligibility waivers as well as a blanket waiver regarding financial aid equivalency limits.”


March 30th update: 

“Division II, like our member institutions, has been actively responding to a range of issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The NCAA and each division will experience a significant loss of revenue. But DII will continue to respond to every challenge with the best interest of our student-athletes in mind and work to protect those distinguishing aspects of DII experience that we all value.” said Dr. Sandra Jordan, Chair, Division II Presidents Council Chancellor, South Carolina Aiken.


April 1st update: 

“The Division I Council Coordination committee and the Division II Administration Committee extended the recruiting dead period through May 31. The committees will continue to be guided by experts to determine whether the dates need to be extended.”

Later that day:

“The Division II Administrative Committee adopted emergency legislation to extend the recruiting dead period through at least May 31. The committee also adopted a resolution to allow schools to issue institutional athletic aid agreements beginning April 16. Also, the committee did not provide relief for winter sport season student-athlete season of competition or provide an extension of eligibility because they completed their full regular season and conference tournaments. 


April 8th update:

“The Division II Administrative Committee specified the first permissible date the institutions can issue athletics aid agreements is April 15. The Committee also confirmed that institutional camps and clinics are not permitted during the dead period scheduled through at least May 31. 


These updates have been vital for athletes, parents, coaches to verify the next step in how to take on the upcoming season. Many athletes have a sense of relief knowing that their season can be redone. Although for some, like the Reddies Men’s Basketball team, seasons like their previous season that just went down in the history book is hard to simply redo. As a lover of sports and a passion for watching, learning and writing about games I look forward to updating the community on what is happening globally and within the Reddie community. I hope everyone is staying healthy at this time and prayers go out to everyone.