On To The Championship To Get The Ring

Teuana Smith, Sports Reporter

The Reddies have climbed the tournament to have a rematch against the savage storm, defeating Southeastern Oklahoma 76-73. The battle between the teams created a tied score six times. This will be the first time HSU has made it to the semi-finals game since 2014.


The energy shifted back and forth with both teams edging for the lead. SEOSU gained a four-point lead in the first half, 20-16. 


The Reddies came back scoring 13 points with four minutes left. Southeastern wasn’t done yet, throwing some making shots giving them 17 points and the lead 37-33 to end the first half.


As the clock starts for the second half to begin, the Reddies immediately get back on their grind. They gained enough momentum for a five-point lead with the help of junior, forward Raekwon Rodgers and junior, guard Chris Parker. Adding more to the energy came from senior forward Mike Fofana, and senior, guard Rel Johnson with a quick 3-pointer.


Savage Storm responded with a 20-7 run for the lead hitting eight straight shots. The score was now 64-56. 


HSU was not finished yet. 


Henderson bounced back with game-changing defense and sharpshooters. The score now tied at 70 was accomplished by three back to back three-pointers from Parker, Lupardus, and Johnson. 


Junior forward, Jeremiah Toney sped up the tempo with a lay-up to give HSU a two-point lead, but that wasn’t enough to keep Southeastern away. 


Henderson was falling one point away when two free throw points from Fofana switched the lead back to us. With a nail-biting 18 seconds left, SEOSU gave us the upper hand by missing a shot. Parker took the rebound with 1.6 seconds left. He shot two free throws when fouled in the literal last second of the game, securing the Reddies for a captivating win. 


Parker finished with 19 points and six rebounds. Rel Johnson was right behind him with 17 points, Rodgers with 14, and Fofana capped off at 13. 


The Reddies will advance to the championship game and play against No. 4 Oklahoma Baptist University at 1 p.m.