Quilt Collage

Katlin Williams, Contributing Reporter

During Black History Month in February, they held a quilt collage project going on in the Huie Library. This encouraged students to come by and use their creative skills to make part of the quilt using color pencils, markers, and glue. Now that the month is over Susie Kirk will now put everyone’s square together and display it up in the library.

According to Kirk, quilts back in the day had hidden messages in them and people hung them outside of homes along the underground railroads. They let people communicate to those traveling seeking for freedom. While students were able to make their part of the quilt, she provided reading material for students to have an opportunity to learn this part of history while having a stress relieving fun activity. With this being their first time to do this activity for Black History month, it was “very successful” students were coming by all day providing enough material to make a big quilt.

Adding this to their future activities they also have other passive art programs set up to coincide with other cultural celebrations on campus, such as their adult coloring stations for Hispanic Heritage Month. Be looking around Huie for the display it will be outstanding and don’t miss other culture activities that will be going on throughout the rest of the spring semester.