The Come Back


Courtesy of HSU Athletics

Teuana Smith, Sports Reporter

After missing the mark by eight points previously against East Central, Henderson determined to finish the season strong swept East Central in a 73-58 win. We have now secured 5th place in the GAC tournament coming up soon. 


The Reddies took off scoring with the help of the starting five, which includes Pink Jones, Blue Jones, Lani Snowden, Karrington Whaley, and Hailey Estes. 


HSU gained 21 points in the first quarter, shutting down the Tigers. Henderson’s high energy lasted until the second quarter where an additional 22 points were achieved leaving East Central trailing by 15, making the halftime score 43-28. 


The Tiger’s had revenge with 24 points going into the third quarter which brought the lead down to a 5 point (57-52) threat. However, the Reddies have never been known to back down from a challenge.


Henderson State accepted the challenge by holding the Tigers scoreless for the first three minutes of the first quarter. HSU gained 13 points in the first five minutes alone. From then on, the win was secured and East-Central failed to bounce back. 


The seniors ended their last regular-season game with a 15 point game win. Pink Jones finished the game with 20 points and seven rebounds. Blue Jones and Estes tied with putting up double figures for the Reddies.  


The GAC Tournament begins next week in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. We will face up against Southern Nazarene Friday at 5:45 p.m. Good Luck Reddies!