The Reddies Battle at NSISC Championships

Jaylon McEwen, Sports Reporter

This past week both men and women swim teams were participants in the NSISC Championships. 

After competing on the first day of the championships, which started on Wednesday both teams accomplished positions within the top five. The men finished in second with a score of 143 and the women fifth, with a score of 62. HSU junior Stephen Jones leads all Reddie swimmers in points at 17. He placed second in the 50-yard freestyle with a time of 20.50.

On the women’s end, the best performance was given by Junior Reddie Elam Fulton. She gave the women their only top-five finish of the day coming in third in the 50-yard freestyle with a time of 23.66.

The second day ended with the men staying strong and remaining in second place with a score of 382. The women however sadly dropped down into sixth with a score of 143. 

The men started the day strong with a 200-yard freestyle team composed of Jones, Zach Hansen, Ryan Brown, and Tim Holt. They finished with a time of 1:21.36 that secured them a top spot at the podium. The Reddies had most of their success come in the form of relays as they finished the day with a strong performance by their 200-yard freestyle relay team. The team composed of Elam Fulton, Isabelle Andrews, and Elza Kachliishvili finished fourth with a time of 1:36.33.

On the third day, the men still came in at second (608) and the women remaining in sixth (215). The Reddie Wave’s stand out performer Till Steyer finished the top 3 for the third time. While on the women’s team Amy Brandenburg finished top five in the 100-yard backstroke.  

The fourth and final day still holds the men in second place with an 807 score and the women at sixth with a 309. The men finished strong with a first-place win from their 400-yard relay team of Gibbs, Brown, and Holt with a time of 3:00.40. The women finished strong as well with Fulton coming in third in the 100-yard freestyle with a time of 51.85.