Bittersweet Senior Night For The Reddies

Teuana Smith, Sports Reporter

The Reddies accomplished another win against Northwestern Oklahoma State for the season’s bittersweet last home game. The Senior day ending score was 91 to 72 bringing the at-home record to 13-1.


“I’m gonna miss these guys, the coaches, the workouts…everything, “ said Rel Johnson. 


The game started with all five seniors on the court: Anthony Lupardus, Mike Fofana, Chris Owens, Tanner Hamilton, and Rel Johnson. They all had double-figures ending the night as they individually left the court in recognition. 


“Those are my guys so seeing them leave is sad but they’re going to do bigger and better things so that’s good for them,” said Raekwon Rodgers, junior forward. 


The game began with both teams going shot for shot in a tied score of 9-9 just four minutes off the clock. Tanner Hamilton threw in a 3 pointer shooting the Reddies into a lead that would last the rest of the game.


The team prevailed, peaking a 19 point lead (43-24) leaving only 6 minutes remaining in the first half. NWOSU managed to hustle back with multiple three-point shots and free throw shots bringing the score to a 10 point difference (51-41).


The Rangers kept their momentum starting the second half for about eight minutes until the Reddies’ defense stopped them in their tracks, giving way for three-point shots by Lupardus and Johnson. This pushed the score to 77-61 and gave the Reddies plenty of energy to secure the win. 


HSU finished the night with a total of 12 3-pointers. Lupardus led the team with 15 points and Owens was right behind him with 14. Fofana had 11 points and 5 assists. Johnson and Hamilton tied with 10 points. 


“My favorite memory hasn’t happened yet….give us two weeks,” said Mike Fofana. 


The next game will be on February 27 at Southeastern Oklahoma State University where we face them again at 7:30 p.m. We’re two games away from the GAC championship tournament.