Reddie Blood Spilled at Blood Drive

Saving someone's life is as easy as laying down and giving your blood.


Kelly Stiles, Features Editor

     The thought of giving blood causes many people to cringe. However, when sisters Samantha and Sera Snow think of giving blood, they are filled with excitement.

    On Feb. 5 and 6, a blood drive hosted by the Arkansas Blood Institute took place in the Garrison. Students, faculty, and community members like Samantha and Sera gathered to provide blood for patients in 44 hospitals across Arkansas according to blood donation recruiter Tina Madryga.

     “Giving blood is my favorite thing,” 25-year-old HSU alumni and inventory advisor Samantha said. “I love helping people.”

     With Samantha living close to Henderson, she and Sera walked a block in the rain so they could give blood. This was Sera’s 6th and Samantha’s 13th time giving blood.

     “Blood donations saved our older sister’s life,” 27-year-old pharmacist Sera said. “She fell off a mountain and was in the hospital.”

     Each possessing an O- blood type, they realise the life-altering need of blood with their specification. Type O- blood is universal, which means it can be given to anyone no matter what their blood type is.

     This type is not only used in hospitals but is the primary blood given to people on ambulances and to newborn babies. In such cases where a short amount of time can mean life or death, wasting time by testing a person’s blood type can be avoided by using O- blood.

     Those who receive donated blood can thank their donor by going to and entering the barcode located on a little green heart. The website will allow a patient to find out who their donor is and leave a message to be sent to the donor’s email.

     There is currently a shortage of blood in Arkansas. One may donate blood by going to to find blood drives and donor centers near them. To save time, a donor may fill out their information online before arriving at a donation location.

     “I love coming here,” Madryga said. “I love the Reddies. I thank everyone for their continued support.”