“Henderson State vs Crimson Storm”

Teuana Smith, Sports Reporter

     Henderson had an away game in Oklahoma this past Thursday to play against Southern Nazarene University. SNU brought intensive offense in the first half of the game with a quick ten points in the first four minutes of the game. 

     Although for Junior forward Raekwon Rogers who had 12 rebounds and two assists and Senior guard Rel Johnson who had 11 points and Junior guard Chris Parker with nine kept the Reddies alive as for matching the pace of Southern Nazarene. 

     Nevertheless, Henderson stood their ground. Henderson tied the score 10-10 with 14 minutes left in the first half. Adding to the momentum junior, guard, Quawn Marshall upped the energy with two three-pointers giving a three-point lead to making the score 31-28 at the three-minute mark.  

     Henderson lost the lead ending the first half with 32-35. The Reddies had a total of 12 turnovers and 16 personal fouls which made it complex for HSU to regain the lead.

     The Reddies then sparked a much needed offensive drive to lead by three in the first six minutes of the third quarter. Both teams went back to back with shots for the remainder of the first ten minutes. SNU took heed during the battle and gained 5 points.

     The Reddies could recover in time trying to repair the score and fell short to the Crimson Storm, ending 67-71. 

     The next game will be on the next game in Magnolia, Arkansas at Southern Arkansas on February 6, at 7:30 p.m.