McGough Advances Across the Ravine

Cle’Varus Oney, Copy Editor

     The school with a heart will soon be saying goodbye to a well-respected faculty member in Cris McGough. Don’t be alarmed; this is a notice of a profession change, and McGough is still alive and full of energy. McGough is the academic advisor for Fine Arts, Communication, Aviation, and the School of Business. A short interview gave some insight on McGough’s plans after leaving Henderson, and how he feels about leaving.

     This departure wasn’t planned; it was more of a sudden opportunity for him to advance in his career while still staying in Arkadelphia. McGough says that, “This was an amazing opportunity that I felt that I at least had to try to do. I’ve done what I can do here, and I want to try something new, and I want to be able to advance professionally.” The opportunity for advancement comes from Ouachita Baptist University, our neighbor on the other side of the ravine. McGough will be overseeing the registrar’s functions, the financial aid functions, and the admissions functions for a graduate program at OBU.

     With him leaving, there will be an open position that may take some time to fill. This open position leaves some students missing their professional advisor. He offers some advice for those students that will be affected the most by his leaving. “Go visit your faculty advisor at some point. They’re someone that you should already have a relationship with. Go visit the chair of your department. Pull out your degree plan and read it.” 

     Although McGough is leaving, he does so with a few things that will miss about working at Henderson weighing on his mind. “Day-to-day student interaction is the funnest part of my job. Knowing when I get in and look at my calendar, and it says that I’m going to see 10 students, I know that I’ll be seeing 10 students for 10 totally different things, and it’s always going to be something new.” Although it may be sad to see one of Henderson’s advisors leave campus, you can only be happy to see him advance in his career. “If I stopped to think about what I’d miss about Henderson, I’d probably start crying, so I really don’t think I want to do that.” McGough said. McGough won’t be leaving Henderson State until Friday, Jan. 30th, and he hopes that a lot of students will come to visit with questions between now and then.