HSU Students Prepare for A New Semester

Kaitlyn Williams, Contributing Reporter

     January 13, 2020 is now here for Henderson State University students. We are now going into a new year and a fresh semester. As the semester takes off with the first week done and checked off, I’ve checked into some students on campus about their journey at Henderson that has just started, still in the making, and even the ending. For freshman students they are going into their second semester. 

     They might not have everything figured out just yet but one student in particular gave me some background on how she is doing so far. Faith Wray a freshman majoring in Graphic Design, is liking college really well. She states that it is very different from high school but has been a much better and more fun environment on Henderson’s campus. One thing that she struggled with her first semester was procrastinating, which I am sure we have all struggled with.  This semester she is setting a goal to get procrastinating out of the picture! 

     One question that really caught my attention and is an important factor for college students would be “What has motivated you through your first semester and now will help you with your second”? If you have not found something that inspires you to fulfill your potential, I encourage you to find something. What helped Faith was music and color guard also known as the flag line in the Henderson’s marching band. One of her best experiences so far was meeting new friends and being apart of the flag line. While Faith has just started a new beginning at HSU I then spoke to a junior. Ashley Burnett an Elementary education major, hopes to see her future after graduating to find a good career and get stable enough to move out of the state. 

     Since Ashley has been at HSU for 3 years now, one question that I was curious about was “What has been the most challenging thing you’ve came across”? Ashley’s challenge was finding what career would make her the happiest. Her opinions about Henderson in general is very positive, she says Henderson has gone through some of the roughest years while she’s attended, but the school still tries to meet the students’ needs the best way they can. What will motivate Ashley to get through the semester will be to make a 4.0 GPA and pass the semester. Last but not least a special someone who will be graduating very soon is Macklaine Irby.

      Macklaine is classified as a senior majoring in Health and Human Performances. Once Macklaine graduates she plans on attending a Physician Assistant school. She feels really confident about the semester and she loves all the classes she is taking. Something that will motivate her through the semester is finishing strong and getting to graduate. Mackaline is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. She loves that it has built such great friendships and long-life memories to take with her. One other thing that motivates her is this sorority and having her sisters there for the bad and good. She encourages others to join Greek life because it gives students an opportunity to get involved and meet new people. I also encourage you to ask these questions to yourself to help guide you to a understanding of positivity and motivation for your own life throughout this semester.