The WiFi Sucks Here

Cle’Varus Oney, Copy Editor

Over the last two weeks of January, the Information Technology department at Henderson State University began the school’s campus-wide transition to a new network. This transition caused a few issues in WIFI strength that many of you may have noticed.

A quick interview with Ty Woodson, of the IT department, answers some questions that may concern students and gives a breakdown of why the school has chosen to make a change to the network.

Woodson says, “The way that it was set up is that we have a pre-shared key, which you would know as H$UDorm033, and that’s posted everywhere around campus so anyone walking around campus basically anywhere would have access to our student network. We don’t have the greatest monitoring tools available to that network because of how that pre-shared key works.”

With their department lacking the tools for that specific network, it makes it hard for them to monitor and fix problems that may pop up with internet access around campus. This pre-shared key can also be a security issue with anyone having the password to a WIFI network that all of the residential students use.

The new network offers a solution in the form of a log-in that requires your credentials, such as your student username and password. It’s something that specifies that you are a current student at Henderson State University.

With this, Woodson says, “We would be able to see traffic on an individual level at that point, so that would make our network a lot more secure. We would have the ability to do quality control and quality of service a lot better, so we would be able to say, ‘oh wow, University Place is supposed to be getting X amount of download speed, but they’re not.’”

The department has completed the change in networks for academic buildings and the Garrison. However, residential buildings are still using the HSUDorm network due to unforeseen issues.

Not to worry, after finding a solution, the IT department will roll the new change back out and hope to have it be seamless this time.