HSU Balls Against SEOSU

The men's basketball team beats Southeastern Oklahoma State University

The Reddies faced off against the GAC conference leaders, Southeastern Oklahoma State University at home.

Henderson State found itself in a brutal disadvantage when two starters got caught in foul trouble in the first half. Head Coach Jimmy Elgas weighed in on how his team overcame foul trouble problems to become victorious.

“I think our team has a lot of depth and that’s one of the advantages of having 10 or 11 guys and when one guy can get in foul trouble you can sub in some players and not have a big drop off. But when they do, they pick each other up and I think that was critical to our success today”.

Junior forward Raekwon Rodgers was a key starter that got into foul trouble early but had an explosive game offensively with 17 points.
“Coach was really harping on me, showing my hands and trying not to get too greedy, so that’s what I came in doing. My team needs me, I don’t need to be fouling, so I just made sure I showed my hands so I can stay in the game and try just not be in the way too much to get a foul call” said Rodgers.

The three-pointer on both teams was a high source of offensive throughout the game. There was a total of 52 three-pointers taken in the game.

The last three minutes of the game was the most pivotal point of the game. Senior guard Rel Johnson capped off a 5-0 run to give Henderson the momentum that lead to the triumphant 67-63 upset over the top-ranked savage storm.

“When 2 minutes were left, I felt like I still had the momentum from yesterday. When I was in the timeout I was just telling coach I just think I can score or some and he gave me a chance and I went to score” said Johnson.

The Reddies will play Thursday, January 30, 2020, against Southern Nazarene at 7:30 pm in Bethany, Oklahoma.