If the left wants to win again

Column by Bunky Raines, Contributing Reporter


 I found it interesting, in a search for the most watched cable news commentators in 2017, that the #1, 2, and 3 spots are held by FOX News programming: Sean Hannity at #1, Tucker Carlson at #2, The Five at #3, and finally MSNBC makes the scene with Rachel Maddow at the #4 spot. Why is that, I wonder? As in the 2016 election, I would’ve assumed that the Democrats had the lead. 

A conclusion one might draw from this is that there are more right-wing thinkers in the U.S. than we are led to believe, but we don’t seem to hear as much from them. Perhaps they are quiet about their convictions, due to the fear of being called a racist, sexist, homophobic Nazi, being doxxed, and having their lives ruined. 

Meanwhile, the far left is screaming racist (against whites), sexist (against males), heterophobic bigotry from megaphones, giving the silent masses a reason to make “Tucker Carlson face”. 

The left has alleged that Donald Trump won because America is racist. I believe that they may, in an ironic sense, be correct. 

Does anyone really like Trump? Melania doesn’t even like Trump. He’s a self-serving, narcissistic, overly-sensitive con man, but is he really a racist or is he simply someone who’s not afraid to be called a racist by the left? 

I think it’s closer to the truth that he won because he was the last bastion of hope for huge sections of the population that Democrats have been alienating. He was the only republican candidate that they knew would push back against that which we do not call bigotry. 

The others would cower under their desks, screaming “We’ll do what you want, just please don’t call us racists!” 

A lot of people, who are white or straight or male, might feel angry upon hearing things like “all whites are racist” or “all males are sexist” or “I’d like to hit all cis-gendered people over the head with a baseball bat”. 

Obviously, not every Democrat is saying these things. Could it be, though, that the reason they lost the 2016 election is that they weren’t condemning them either? 

Nobody is being fired from their jobs for saying these things. They are perfectly acceptable things to say in our society. 

The Democrats have wonderful ideas on health care, tax reform, getting rid of student debt (seriously), etc. I’d like to see them returned to what old-school Dems used to think of as the party of reason, so that my family and I could reap the benefits of that kind of system. However, I think that as long as they allow, accept, and even encourage this kind of behavior in their party, they may be handing over the #1 spots to those who condemn bigotry, even when it’s against the majority.