Opinion: Yes, Students Get Hungry After 9:00PM

Here at Henderson State, we don’t really have a lot of dining options.  There’s the Caddo dining hall, Reddie Grill, Reddie To-go, Chick-fil-A, and Starbucks.  During the weekdays, dining in the Garrison closes at 9 pm, and Reddie To-go at 4 pm. However, on weekends these places close between 3 and 8 pm, and the Caddo closes between 6:30 and 7:30.  

American families eat dinner at an average between 4:30 and 11 pm.  This is because of jobs, school, sports, and other hobbies or obligations.  Also, not everyone is able to eat breakfast and lunch at the same time.

This being my second year here, there has never been a real convenient time to go to the Caddo.  Before and after classes, it’s always closed because it’s between meal times. Even if they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner separately, there should still be the option of going in there to get food all day.  

The spring semester of 2019 Chick-fil-A began serving breakfast, which has increased convenience for many students.  Reddie To-go also started staying open until 8 pm, but that was only temporary.

It’s common for students to go hungry throughout the day because of the lack of food options, but also because of the very limited time to access it.  It’s easy to fall behind on a healthy diet when the most popular choices are chicken and fried foods.

“Students who rely on their declining balance to eat could benefit from being able to buy food later in the day” stated Yesenia Chavez, junior graphic design major.

Having more dining options and keeping them open throughout the day could also give more students and locals job opportunities.  There wouldn’t be as many long lines, and overall happiness on campus could increase.  

At other schools such as University of Arkansas, they not only have multiple dining retail options, but some that stay open as late as midnight.  Students who like late night study sessions, or even just want a late night snack could benefit from the dining hall staying open.

“I actually prefer eating dinner later than when the dining hall closes, it’s always too crowded and there’s never any good food left, and not everyone likes Chick-fil-A or Reddie Grill” said Mekala Fuqua, sophomore elementary education major.

Despite the costs of making this happen, the profit would significantly outway them.  The one thing this school should care about is happiness and satisfaction from its students, which would probably increase graduation rates as well.  Arkadelphia isn’t known for its amazing food industry anyway.