Why Everyone Should Own a Cat

In this world there are only two types of people: dog people, and cat people. Cat people are usually tolerant of dogs, and might even have dogs themselves, but dog people usually despise cats. It’s just a universal truth.

Everyone knows the stereotypes of cats. There are cursed black cats, cats from hell, wild cats, and house cats. These dog people only tend to see the cats from hell, there’s even a TV show about it. Why are people so convinced cats are evil and that dogs make better pets?

Cats started hanging around farming communities and became domesticated about 8,000 years ago. The relationship between felines and humans were simply just rodent control. Wild cats always hung around groups of humans, but it wasn’t until their DNA began changing them into the cats we have now. In other words, cats domesticated themselves.

Dogs became man’s companions for specific purposes, which is why we have so many different breeds today. They all have different sets of skills. There was no reason for diversity in cats because we didn’t need to use them for tasks. As National Geographic says, “They were perfect as they were.”  

Unlike dogs, cats are pretty aloof when it comes to their relationship with housemates.  They see their human counterparts as simple roommates. They don’t differentiate between species, and treat everyone the same. Dogs see humans as owners and companions, their goal is to be alongside their owner and make them happy. Cats just like to exist.

People who don’t like cats simply don’t understand them. When a cat is upset, he or she will show it. They like to hold grudges, and even fight back. Dogs immediately know what they’ve done to be punished, and they learn not to do it again, whereas cats are a bit more complicated to train.

The good thing about training cats however, is that there’s barely any training to be done at all. Once kittens are shown their litter box once, they know exactly where it’s at and what it’s for. They don’t like to go in places where they can’t bury their business, so your furniture is safe.  They also clean themselves and file their own claws. Getting a cat to schedule their own feeding time is easy too.

Although cats like to sharpen their claws on any surface they choose, your blinds and cords are less likely to be destroyed than with a dog. Cats can also be just as good at cuddling.  My cat can go from having one of his playful episodes where he attempts to knock everything off my desk, to laying on my chest and comforting me when I’m obviously upset.

Cats can be a great companion. “I’ve learned that by owning a cat I am less stressed and can always look forward to reuniting with my loving cat, Shadow, at the end of the day. Having a cat is like having a best friend that you can always count on to cheer you up. It has also taught me how to be responsible. It’s a very rewarding experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world” says Keylee Harrell, sophomore innovative media major. They teach patience, compassion, and responsibility.  

While people may not agree on which animal is the best, everyone can agree on one thing. Giving an animal a loving home is an invaluable experience that everyone can benefit from.