A Cursed Campus?


Courtesy of Henderson Television.

Editor’s note: As this story develops, we will update the article with new information.

This morning, the HSUPD could be seen poking around Arkansas Hall. Administrative assistant Catherine Lett sent out an email to the people who teach in Arkansas Hall, mostly professors of communications and theater arts, asking that if anything out of the ordinary is seen, that they let her know. She also said the police were there in order to take fingerprints and do some investigating.

It is almost impossible to fathom this state of unrest on our campus. To name a few events: the recent alleged gunshots in student dorms a few nights ago, our “explosion” in the Reynolds Science Building, our massive budget issues that saw the voluntary resignation of an irresponsible president, and so much more.

According to HSU communications director, Tina Hall, “HSUPD received a report of someone who had accessed inappropriate content on a computer at Arkansas Hall. Additionally, there is a report that contents in a bookshelf were rummaged through. It is unknown at this time if anything is actually missing.”

Michael Taylor, professor and chair of the communications and theater arts departments at Henderson says, ” The only real damage was a broken trophy case, but the person also urinated in a classroom and performed other minor vandalism.”

Lett, in regards to Arkansas Hall, says that a janitor was the first to see the scene this morning. She did not include any other official details regarding the building.

This raises more security concerns as well. Do the cameras in Arkansas Hall work? We have previously established in WTF Henderson that the cameras in the parking lot are seemingly just decoration, as they have not been utilized for people who have made reports of their cars being hit in our par

king lot.

Though this action didn’t directly affect the safety of any student, it is another figurative knock in the head for this fall 2019 semester.