Reynolds Spill Is Taking a Toll

Tony Threadgill, Contributing Reporter

     The chemical spill in Reynold’s has been shifting many students’ schedules.

     There is a variety of important majors that hold lab classes. One of the most stressful of these is nursing majors, who have tight schedules and deadlines to meet almost every day. On top of the high stress situations of clinicals, labs have been impossible to do since Reynolds shut down in the beginning of the month. 

     Ever since the spill happened people have discussed amongst themselves when the building would be back open. The stress is evident as students are worried about whether or not they’ll be graded properly and what is going to happen to their grades if the building doesn’t open back up before the semester is over.

      I had the pleasure of getting Tony Threadgill’s thoughts on the spill in Reynold’s he went on to say, “I have lab classes that I haven’t been to in weeks and my classes have been moved around because of the spill.” Many students including myself have been moved around quite a few times to get the chance to have a lecture. The instability is stressful for some students. I feel that the building needs to be taken care of as soon as possible, so we can get labs up and running. We don’t exactly know when the building will be safe to enter but all we can do is hope for the best and stay focused in our studies.