20 Years, 20 Issues, 1 Book

Kelly Stiles, Features Editor

Anything from the radio celebrity and media alumni Bobby Bones to the first integration of
Henderson cheerleading in 1971 can be found in the Ellis College online book “Forged from the
Embers: 20 Years, 40 Stories.”

For decades, Ellis College has been a honing point for students and faculty of the arts and
sciences. Since 1998, students have been encouraged to write articles and create graphic designs
highlighting the accomplishments of these students, alumni, and professors from Ellis College
and compile them into an annual magazine called “Forge.” On Oct. 21, the book was released on
Amazon containing compiled content from all 20 issues of the magazine.

Former Dean of Ellis College Finney Murray kicked off this magazine and each dean since then
has supported the “Forge” including current Dean of Ellis College Angela Boswell. These Deans
have helped find money to hire students to write for and design the magazine.

In the Spring of 2019, professor and chair of communication and theatre arts Michael Taylor
taught a course in digital publishing and wanted his students to look at how online books were
created and published. According to Taylor, he wanted the class to focus on editing, packaging,
marketing, and publishing but did not want them to have to write a book. To teach them these
skills and in celebration of the 20 the anniversary of “Forge,” he aided these students in publishing “Forged from the Embers: 20 Years, 40 Stories.”

“In the end, we got a collection of the best stories,” Taylor said.

In addition to the best stories of the magazine, “Forged from the Embers: 20 Years, 40 Stories”
also contains the covers of all 20 issues. The names of all the students who contributed to
providing these stories to the public can be found in the book.

“To me it is to be a showcase for students,” Taylor said.

“They have something they can point to if they ever go into a job where this could [be] a skill.”
Taylor said. The publishing of this book did not cost the university any money. The book costs
$4.49 plus tax and all proceeds will go towards Ellis College and the production of future issues
of “Forge.” On Nov. 2 and 3 the book will be available for free.

“It was fun and I will probably do it again,” Taylor said. “If you look at the listing on Amazon, it
is ‘book one,’ and that is sort of a challenge that every time I teach this class we are going to
publish another book.” Due to the university’s budget issues, there will not be a physical print of this year’s volume of “Forge.” This issue is now available online at hsu.edu by searching “Forge Magazine” in the site’s search bar and will be emailed to about 17,000 Ellis College alumni and faculty.