Spin Scooters Ride Out of Arkadelphia

Nick Robertson, Contributing Reporter

Last school year students of Henderson State University and Ouachita Baptist University were treated
with the upbringing of electronic scooters to get around campus with ease. This luxury was short lived,
as Spin Scooter Company have pulled their units out of the city of Arkadelphia.

Students have mixed feelings about the Spin Scooter company leaving campus. “There were multiple
times I tried to use a scooter, it wouldn’t work but it would continue to charge me.” Cortez Akins, senior
Communications major said. “I’m not too upset to see them go. I would like to see a company like Lime
Scooter Company come into Arkadelphia.” The scooters have not only been a source of transportation
but entertainment for the students. During the week, students can be seen on the scooters flying to
class. On the weekends, several students opt to race with their friends and perform various tricks.

“The Scooters did not belong to the Henderson; they were owned by the Spin Company. The Spin
company had to do bring the scooters to both HSU and OBU to make it profitable enough in
Arkadelphia.” Dr. Brad Patterson, Director of Student Affairs at Henderson State University said. “The
reason for them leaving the campus is just the lack of profit, the scooters were not making the Spin
Company enough profit, and they decided to remove their scooters from both HSU and OBU”. Dr.
Patterson said if there is enough interest from students, administration will consider bringing another
scooter company onto campus.

Administration at Henderson State University is discussing releasing a survey to the student body to
see the interest in bringing on another scooter company. “Lime Scooter Company has contacted me in
the past, but we were under an agreement with Spin Scooters at that time. I will reach out to the Lime
representative who contacted me and look into a possible agreement with them” Dr. Patterson said.
Students who are fond of the light weight motor vehicles still have some time to enjoy them before they
are taken away.