Campus Food Pantry

Teresa Valdivia, Contributing Reporter

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Come on up to the DELISH food pantry. The food pantry is available to all of the Reddie community. It is for any student who is hungry, forgot their lunch, or has an empty pantry of their own. 

The food pantry currently includes canned goods, some snacking items, and uncooked rice. Over the next few weeks, the pantry plans on adding can openers as well as separating the big bags of rice into smaller bags with cooking instructions added so even the least of cooking savvy students can enjoy something to eat. A quick free meal when you are hungry will definitely help improve your school life. 

“As Miss Black and Gold, I wanted to make sure I left my imprint here at the school with a heart,” said Oyshi Hossian, senior integrated studies major and Fall 2018 Miss Black and Gold pageant winner.

Hossian wanted to make a difference in campus life for those students that could not afford food. Students should focus more on studying and less on how their next meal will come to them.

In Hossain’s juvenile delinquency class, she learned that over 30% of students at colleges or universities were food insecure. This then inspired her to hold a platform that fought against hunger on campus for the Miss Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant. 

Many of the Greek organizations currently hold events and collect canned goods as entry fees. These Greek organizations had nowhere to direct their cans, so Hossain found a way to direct them to this organization. The DELISH food pantry is located on the second floor of Garrison, in the commuter lounge.

“This food pantry will not only alleviate hunger on campus but also raise the Reddie spirit by truly showcasing how we are the ‘school with a heart’,” said Oyshi.