Preaching from the Choir

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Preaching from the Choir

Hagen Tidball

Hagen Tidball

Hagen Tidball

Ally Hughes, Contributing Reporter

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      Henderson’s concert choir entered the stage with confidence and formality. Dr. Kevin Coker, director of choral activities, took his spot on stage and conducted them into their first song

“Gloria from Missa Kenya.” Reece Ruhl started the song with a tener solo, followed by Shawn Ray on the congas ,and the rest of the choir.

     The University Chorale and Concert Choir performed at First United Methodist Church on

Tuesday, Oct. 8. Coker selected a collection of songs that fit the theme of “Love and Light.”

     The concert featured the song “Herr, wir trau’n auf deine Gute” with Dr. Sarah Stankiewicz

Dailey as the mezzo-soprano solo. The lightheartedness of “Laughing Song” had the audience

smiling. It featured Shawn Ray on the tambourine, Zaquary Hale on the flute, and Kyoung Hwa Molinari on the piano. “And Sure Stars Shining” showcases Emily Davault, Cecil Nicholson, Alex

Tyler, and Rayla Yates as a vocal quartet.

     “My favorite part of the concert was when we sang ‘And Sure Stars Shining,” Christine Bostian,

a history and english major said. “It’s such a beautiful and moving piece and being able to

perform it for the audience and convey all the emotion the song elicits actually brought tears to

my eyes.”

     The choir ended on a high note with “Through Love to Light,” then left the stage and began

getting ready for the chorale.

     “It’s our job as performers to bring the music to life and I think we were able to do just that,”

Bostian said.

     The chorale entered with the same confidence and formality as the choir. Students have to

audition to be a part of the chorale whereas anyone can join the choir.

     The chorale sang mellow pieces such as “Earth Song” and “Salutation.” They also sang

“Goodnight Moon” which utilizes on a poem in a children’s book. Morgan Lee and McKenzie McCombs were featured as a duet in “Goodnight Moon.” Every piece selected was chosen to fit the theme.

     The next choral concert will be held Nov. 24 at 7:00 p.m. at First United Methodist Church.