Do you even game, bro? Board games for older people

Story by Alisha Davis Student Reporter

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 What is the best way to have a little fun and unwind after a long day of classes? Having a game night with friends is a great answer. 

College can be stressful. Don’t be afraid to take a night off from Huie and your studies to actually enjoy your college experience. 

When I suggest a game night, I am in no way telling you to grab three friends and play a four hour game of monopoly. You’re in college now so age appropriateness goes out the window when it comes to board games. This greatly widens the variety of games you are able to play. 

Highly rated board games for college students:

– Cards Against Humanity: A party game for horrible people

– Scrawl: Terrible drawings, ridiculous guesses 

– Bucket of Doom: The death dodging party game

– Truth Bombs: The explosively honest party game

– What Do You MEME?: A millennial card game for millennials and their millennial friends 

Ever played Apples to Apples? Cards Against Humanity is an adult version. Scrawl starts out as a completely innocent game, but the direction is takes is all about how the players interprets each other’s drawings. 

Bucket of Doom is a hilarious scenario game, the winner is often the player with the best imagination. Truth Bombs allows you to answer some crazy, even personal questions about your friend’s honesty. Last but defiantly not least, What Do You MEME? is the perfect game for college students of today, it is made up of the most popular MEMEs on social media. 

Grab a couple friends and have yourselves a great college level game night.