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Pete Tubbs

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    Halloween has finally rolled back around, and for those of us whom are obsessed with spooky season, nothing could make us happier. One of the best perks of the month of October is forcing your friends to watch horrors with you and have absolutely no regret about it.

     There are seemingly hundreds of streaming services out there, and odds are you have access to more than a few of them. So this week, I’m gonna give out some recommendations of five scary movies that you can watch from the comfort of your own home.


#5 – Green Room

     Starring Anton Yelchin in one of his final roles after his untimely death, “Green Room” follows an upstart punk-rock band that lands a gig at a white supremacist club. When the band witnesses something unspeakable, they are trapped in, you guessed it, the green room of the club. 

     What starts off as a conventional thriller descends into madness near the halfway point. I consider myself to have a strong stomach, but one sequence involving Yelchin’s character had me squeamish enough to consider turning it off. 

     One of the most surprising elements of the film is Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of the white supremacist group. He’s cool, calm, and collective, and he goes about his horrific acts much in the same way as someone like Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees would.

     “Green Room” is a great film to show to your friends if you want them to shout in disbelief and feel tension that is rarely felt in films these days. It’s available on Hulu now.


#4 – Nosferatu

     I once had the opportunity to see this F.W. Murnau silent film performed by a full orchestra, and it was one of the most mesmerizing times at the movies I’ve ever had. I’ve since watched the film countless times, and it retains its power.

     Starring the incomparable Max Schreck as Nosferatu the Vampire, this film is sort of a precursor of the Dracula films by being a knockoff of the original novel. Nosferatu slinks his way around dark hallways and through lacy bedrooms until he finds his prey. 

     My first impression of the villain and protagonist of this film was by seeing him (and being absolutely horrified by his sight) in an episode of “Spongebob Squarepants.” Even though “Nosferatu” was released in 1922, it retains the power to crawl under the skin.

     The performances, especially by Schreck, are uncommonly felt through the thick veil of silence. Murnau’s “Nosferatu” will forever stand as one of the first, and one of the best, horror films of all time. It’s on Amazon Prime for your viewing pleasure now.


#3 – 1922

     Netflix is no stranger to creating their own horror films. They have dozens of them, ranging from unwatchable, to actually pretty great. Lucky for us, “1922” is one of their best.

     Based on the Stephen King novella, this dark horror/drama follows a farmer and his young son after the former murders his wife. It is an uneasy film with an unflinchingly uncomfortable tone.

     Thomas Jane has long been one of the most underrated performers of his time, and he’s jaw dropping here. His swaggering, anxious voice and his lumbering physicality help make the character of Will James one that is both empathetic and villainous.

     What makes “1922” so special is the emotional impact the movie has. The relationship between father, son, and mother is the soul of this movie, and you might be more affected by it than you would think. This Netflix Original has been available since 2017.


#2 – Hereditary

     “Hereditary” is one of the most horrific films to be released since the original “Exorcist.” It follows a family that is dealing with the death of the main character’s (Toni Collette) mother. 

     This is a film that has so many desperately hopeless twists and turns that, by the end you have no idea what happened, but you can’t wait to experience it and unfold its startling contents again. I rarely say this but, do not watch this film alone, it shook me more than I’ve been shaken by a motion picture in a very long time.

     Toni Collette is absolutely the star of “Hereditary,” as she gives one of the all-time greatest horror performances. The Academy Awards should be ashamed of themselves for not recognizing her.

     I know I’ve said very little of the plot of “Hereditary,” but it’s best that you dive straight in and see if you can breathe the deeper it gets. It is now streaming on Amazon Prime.


#1 – Evil Dead

     One of my absolute favorite movies of all time, “Evil Dead” is a horror blast like no other (except for maybe “Evil Dead 2”). Sam Raimi’s film stars the ever-entertaining Bruce Campbell as Ashley Williams as he clumsily tries to save his friends from a demon attack at a remote cabin.

     Made for a budget of approximately $350,000, this is one of the most profitable films of all time based on a budget to gross ratio, as it should be. Stephen King himself in 1981 called it “The most ferociously original film of the year.” 

     “Evil Dead” featured buckets of blood, severed limbs, relentless scares, and even some laughs sprinkled in. It is a rollercoaster ride of a movie, and it deserves to be watched with the largest crowd you can find. 

     You’d be hard pressed to locate a more accessibly fun horror flick anywhere this side of “Shaun of the Dead.” “Evil Dead” is now available to stream on Hulu and Showtime.