Phi Lambda Chi Press Release

Pete Tubbs, Editor In Chief, Community Edition

     The men of Phi Lambda Chi Epsilon Chapter at Henderson State University is dedicated to the service of the community and the people in it. If opportunities arise for the chapter to serve the greater good, the men do not hesitate.

     There are many events in which the men participate, from Reddie to Serve to assisting with handing out school supplies for low income students, raising money for Arkansas Children’s Hospital through their annual Drumbeat. Another annual event is Phi Lamb’s service to the Arkadelphia Fire Department.

     For years now, every Monday in the month of October the men help the firefighters test their firehoses by rolling them out one by one. Literally miles of hoses are stretched apart and tested to ensure the safety of the town.

     Through this, Phi Lamb develops personal relationships with the brave men whom chose to serve the great town of Arkadelphia, while also developing a better knowledge of just what kind of hard work goes into the job by speaking with the firefighters and gaining their valuable insights.. 

     The men of Phi Lambda Chi Epsilon Chapter absolutely love this time of year, as serving people in their community is one of their top priorities. They can be found on Monday evenings at Goza Middle School in Arkadelphia throughout the month of October.

     The Drumbeat Celebration will occur starting this Thursday, October 17 as part of Henderson State’s Homecoming Week. Each barrel that gets flattened by the members will be sponsored by different businesses, and all of the proceeds from thie event will go straight into the hands of Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Come support on the Quad starting Thursday evening and lasting until Saturday before the big game.