ASU May Come to Henderson’s Aide

ASU May Come to Henderson's Aide

Following up on Henderson State University’s financial aid crisis, there has been word of outside financial help, ASU (Arkansas State University). Given the financial state that Henderson State University is in I think that outside help would be very helpful and so did some of the people I was able to interview. I asked Studies in Literature professor Nathan Holloway and he felt that getting outside help would benefit the university. Professor Holloway stated, “I don’t see anything wrong with being part of a larger system it gives you more stability.” That is exactly what Henderson needs, more stability. With more stability Henderson, will be able to have a clear view and perhaps prevent another financial crisis.

 Some people fear that the university’s name will change if the school was to be bought by ASU, I interviewed Ebuka Okeke an aviation major here at Henderson State University. He felt that if ASU were to buy Henderson State University that the school would be changed and that there would be an increase in school prices.  Okeke stated, “I personally think that’s its good and bad, it’s good because we need help, and the bad because we all know what happens when a big company buys a smaller company because prices and everything starts to rise a lot of people struggle to pay their tuition, so if prices rise they’ll have no choice but to drop out, so no I don’t think it;s a good idea and we should find another way”. This is true there are pros and cons in every decision. 

Latrena Beasley felt differently, she felt that outside help would be beneficial and is much needed, I asked her if she thought we needed outside help given the financial state we’re in and she said, ”Yes, we do!”.  So the solution is simple we are going to need outside help to get out of the hole we’re in, but until then all we can do is be hopeful that things clear up.