All Region Choir Workshop

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All Region Choir Workshop

Ally Hughes, Contributing Reporter

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High school choir students from around the state gathered in the Garrison on Sept. 28 to attend Henderson’s All Region choir workshop. Henderson’s music faculty organized and set up the event to make it an enjoyable experience for the high schoolers who participated.


All region is a way for students to determine where they stand in the state based on their musical ability. All region also gives them a chance to sing with other talented students around the state that are at the same level. The workshop gives high school students around the state the opportunity to practice for their auditions with talented individuals in the state. Overall the workshop mimics the All Region experience, so the students are prepared for All Region.


“I think one of the goals is to not only provide the service for the different schools in the community but to help showcase the talent of our faculty, showcase our facilities, and recruit talented musicians and students to Henderson State.” Dr. Kevin Coker, director of choral activities, said.


The students got to practice the literature, or pieces of music they perform in auditions, during the choir workshop. The music faculty set up sectionals for the high schoolers to work on individual parts with the faculty members. The students could practice in the combined rehearsals to work in larger groups as well. They also invited a Henderson alumnus to visit and work with the students in the auto sectionals. 


“I’m thrilled that one of our practicing teachers gets to come back and have this sort of experience,” Coker said. “We also get to show off what our graduates are doing, and they’re doing good work.”


Henderson’s chorale performed for the high school students as well. “Many students were impressed with the HSU Chorales performance and spoke of how they hadn’t considered HSU until hearing us sing.” Orlando Carodine, a vocal music education major, said. The music faculty didn’t know how many students to anticipate in the event as they don’t require pre-registration. They have had up to around 370 students in the past. This year there were over 360 students who participated. 


“The All Region workshop is one of the biggest events held by the music department,” Carodine said. “It was evident that they had worked hard to get to where they were and I looked forward to talking to some of the students in hopes of recruiting them.”The music department worked hard to make the students’ experience at Henderson an enjoyable one. Coker brought up the fact that the workshop falls on the same weekend as Reddie to Serve, which showed the visitors our sense of community. 


“When the high school students arrive, the campus is alive. The band is playing out in the quad, and there’s all sorts of excitement and events going on as they prepare to begin Reddie to Serve. I think it’s a nice showcase of Henderson’s heart.” Hopefully, this cherished tradition can continue to bring students to the school with a heart.