Weird Al Visits Arkansas

Parker Bomar, Contributing Reporter

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Your favorite kooky artist, Weird Al Yankovic, is on his way to North Little Rock this weekend on September 1 in Verizon Arena. You may have heard of him from his hits White and Nerdy, a parody of Chamillionaire’s Ridin’; or Eat It, a play-on to Michael Jackson’s Beat It. No Strings Attached– his current tour– is quoted on Weird Al’s site to being played “with his usual big production – costumes, props, video wall – supported by his band, background singers, and… a full symphony orchestra!”

The Grammy-winning musician recently celebrated his one year anniversary since he received a star of fame. Anissa Jacobs, a fan since My Bologna– the song that got him his first contract to Capitol Records– was asked if she’d have ever thought he would have come this far and replied with, “Well, I certainly never expected him to get this big but I could tell this man was going places! I mean the man is a comedy genius, he Performs His Way!”