Smokin’ Aces or Medical Cases?

Zyra Black, Contributing Report

It comes as no surprise that college is stressful. In fact, as you continue your college education things get harder and you’ll have a much heavier workload. But how do college students release that stress? Some of us party, read books, write in journals, or meditate. Unfortunately, many students are vaping. I can’t count on both hands how many students I’ve seen vaping because I’d run out of fingers. I just wonder do they know what health risks they face from vaping? 

We all know that Nicotine is the primary agent in cigarettes and the new electric cigarette. Nicotine makes smokers and cigarettes and e-cigarettes crave a smoke. According to John Hopkins, “It raises your blood pressure and spikes your adrenaline, which increases your heart rate and the likelihood of having a heart attack”. So why do college students increase the likelihood of having a devastating thing such as a heart attack happen to them? 

After interviewing Jordeen Smith a Henderson State University Accounting major he told me that, “People that he knows vape because they think it isn’t as harmful as smoking an actual cigarette.” It wasn’t the first time I’ve heard that before! I continued to find more outside opinions and interviewed Ebuka Okeke an Aviation major here at Henderson State University. I asked Ebuka if he thought vaping was better than smoking an actual cigarette? He went on to tell me, “I think that vaping isn’t any better than smoking an actual cigarette. Even ads on TV tell you that smoking one vape pod is the same as smoking a pack of cigarettes”. It was good to know that someone was paying attention to the commercial, but many people still vape unfortunately. My last interview was a family friend, Curtis Lee. He was a smoker himself but decided to quit due to the fact that he was convinced that if he didn’t he’d regret it later on in life. I asked Curtis if he’d ever consider smoking a vape pen? He responded “I might as well go back to smoking cigarettes!” He went on to say that he wouldn’t dare pick up another cigarette again or ever use a vape pen. Curtis ended the interview saying, “I’m glad I quit smoking while I was still ahead and could get back healthy before it was too late”. In conclusion, we should all help one another out and inform each other of the dangers of vaping.