New Faces of the HSU Theatre

Sophie Burke, Contributing Reporter

With their first collegiate production just around the corner, the freshman theatre majors here at HSU have some adjusting to do. Some come from high schools with flourishing theatre programs, while others come from programs that are practically nonexistent. This mix of backgrounds and experience levels is what makes the theatre such a diverse space. No matter your level of experience, college theatre is not afraid to put you to work right away. 


Take Kylee Hancock, a freshman focusing on behind-the-scenes work, for example. Hancock was named assistant stage manager for the program’s first performance this semester, a play by Neil Simon entitled “Lost in Yonkers”. Assistant stage managers have to record the blocking for the play, which means they have to remember the exact positions of the actors during every scene. It’s no small feat, but, luckily for the rest of the cast and crew, Hancock believes she is ready. “I feel like they see potential in me,” Hancock said, “and I’m really excited to show what I can do.“ Although stage managers and the rest of the crew are vital to a performance, we cannot forget the people normally credited with the success of a performance: the actors. In most cases, more experienced actors are cast in leading roles. It only makes sense that those with more practice would be leading man or leading lady potential. However, this is not the case. 


The female lead in “Angel Street (Gaslight)” by Patrick Hamilton was given to none other than freshman Savannah Price, who is majoring in mass media communication as well as theatre. Price is the only freshman in a cast full of upperclassmen, but that doesn’t seem to faze her that much. Price is just happy to be chasing her dreams with people who are doing the same.

“The most exciting thing would have to be creating that bond, that friendship, with everybody,” Price said. “Theatre is a family.” To see Price, Hancock, and the other theatre students’ work come to life, be sure to see “Lost in Yonkers” and “Angel Street (Gaslight)” this fall. “Lost in Yonkers” opens on Sept. 26, and “Angel Street (Gaslight)” opens on Nov. 14. Admission is free with a student ID and $10 otherwise.