Greek Life Setback

Henderson’s Greeks prepare for rush week amidst mysterious absence of Assistant Adviser

Greek Life Setback

Madison Hardcastle, HTV Production Assistant

Greek life director Robert Webb resigned on Tuesday morning August 27, 2019 due to personal issues according to Brad Patterson. With 12 national social fraternities and sororities on campus, this has caused a ripple effect throughout the Greek life community.  “I wish we all knew why,” Emily Burkholder, a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha said, “but with it being a personal issue he had to do what he had to do.” His absence comes at a critical time. 


Rush Week is scheduled to begin on Sept. third and continue through the sixth. Sororities and fraternities have the opportunity to show young men and women what they represent and make connections. When bid day comes the girl or guy can get their bid on which sorority or fraternity gave them one. It is an exciting time that gives everyone a rush of excitement. 


Greek life is no stranger to any student when the time to enroll in college comes around. There are many college students who do not put much thought into becoming a part of a Greek Life organization. Some never even consider it, but to many students who did make the decision to get themselves involved it has improved their college experience. “It taught me so much throughout my four years,” Alumni of Alpha Xi Delta, Whitney Thornton said, “I learned how to lean on others, that family is more than just the one you are born into, problem solving skills, and independence.” Rush Week isn’t just a time to join an organization, but to join a family.


 The hectic process is also important to those who anxiously await the seven days like incoming freshman, Baylee Barton. “My mom would always talk about how she loved Greek life and how it changed her life,” Barton said, “I am nervous and mostly excited for the next chapter of my life and this is a part of it.” Brad Patterson has informed all of Greek life that there will be a new director coming. When exactly that will be has yet to be announced.