Freshmen Got Talent

Teresa Valdivia, Contributing Reporter

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During welcome week at Henderson State University, “Freshman Got Talent” was an event full of energy, enthusiasm, and watermelon. There were 15 contestants competing for the first-place prize of 500 dollars and a second-place prize of 300. The student activity board is in charge of this event each year.  

This was the second year of Freshman Got talent. Each of the contestants were welcomed by a crowd of classmates that cheered everyone on. Christina Murphy said that it was a challenge to get everyone where they needed to be but it was fun to run it with Orlando Goodwin. Goodwin and Murphy were surprised by how comfortable the freshmen performers were on stage. 

During intermission, Robert Webb got up on stage and began to perform on the piano. First, he invited Cierra Ferguson to come to sing with him on stage. After a few songs, two other contestants, Krystyna and Greylyn, got onto the stage and harmonized with the others on stage. Krystyna whipped out her violin and began playing with the other vocalists without any previous rehearsals; she matched the key and played the music by ear. Greylyn was able to harmonize beautifully and sing with the group.

The two winners of “Freshman Got Talent” were Cierra Ferguson and Krystyna Valdivia. Cierra sang one of Whitney Houston’s timeless songs and she wowed the judges. Krystyna played her electric violin and also amazed the judges. The crowd reacted with thundering applause after both performers were honored on stage. 

“It is a great opportunity for the freshmen to show themselves and to get their name out there,” said Orlando Goodwin. “I also thought that the group performance was amazing. I have never witnessed anything like it before.” 

Cierra said about the opportunity, “I think it’s a great way to get students of the freshman class to know each other a bit better and for everyone to not be so standoffish.” While Krystyna added, “I was very glad I was able to participate in this year’s Freshman Got Talent. There was an excellent sound system that allowed all students to perform confidently, and I was able to meet those talented people. We had a chance to give Henderson a great impression of ourselves. I love performing every chance I get.”  Cierra also said that she liked how the audience supported every single act no matter who won or didn’t. “It honestly felt like a family which is the main reason why I chose Henderson. I hope to see more people in future freshman classes participate and support each other.”

Orlando and Christina want to thank the judges: Dr. Nikki Loyd, Ms. Leah Sexton, Ricky Reboller, Mr. Robert Webb, and Mrs. Vikita Hardwick for judging the event.