Glen Jones Resignation

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Glen Jones Resignation

Leigha Lynch, Editor in Chief

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Glen Jones was the president of Henderson for seven years prior to his recent resignation. This is the grand finale to a $6 million loan that Henderson received from the state of Arkansas; the money crisis at Henderson can be accredited to the build up of debt in student accounts. 

Glen Jones will continue to be paid a large salary for the next year, as he will be on sabbatical, and has the option to come back as a professor in Fall of 2020. He will remain in the President’s house for the next year as well. 

Elaine Kneebone, previous attorney for Henderson State University, will be the acting president until the search for a new president is complete. July 19 is the day that she was appointed for an unspecified amount of time. “There is no immediate timeline for recruitment of a new president; however, the university is currently advertising to fill our vacant Vice President of Finance and Administration position,” Kneebone says. 

There is a possibility that Arkansas State University will take over Henderson’s campus. It has been previously approved that they conduct an internal audit in order to determine a solution to Henderson’s massive financial problems. Extreme budget cuts are already occurring on campus. 

In the past, students have been able to build up more debt in their student account than what can be considered normal. This is cited as the reasoning for Glen Jones’s financial mismanagement of Henderson. “…We anticipate having less operating budget available in the spring months. We are preparing for this now by slowing campus spending and by restructuring our financial portfolio (bonds, loans, etc.) to free up capital and achieve savings,” President Kneebone says. 

A faculty vote determined that Glen Jones was not the right president for Henderson, which lead to his voluntary resignation.   

“It is important to know that student scholarships and activities continue to receive allocated funding. We are prioritizing student needs in all budget conversations and decisions,” President Kneebone assures. 

Who knows the direction Henderson will go under this new leadership.