Acing the Internship

KaBryn Grayson, Contributing Reporter

Internships are the sweet spot for college students. They allow you to delve into your field of interest, soak up information and gain knowledge. All while not being too overwhelming as a typical job would be and learning how the workforce operates before fully jumping in.

Internships help you build your resume. The majority of college students haven’t had substantial job experience. The two retail jobs I held down in high school allowed me to develop responsibility. However, that alone probably won’t land me my dream career. 

Julie Maio in her article “10 Reasons Why an Internship is Important for all Students” wrote that “Most organizations and jobs that you apply to following graduation want employees to have some sort of professional experience, even for entry-level jobs.”. Your internship could be the difference between a job you dread and your dream job.

This summer, I was able to intern with the city of Little Rock via the Summer Youth Employment Opportunities program. For six weeks, I worked at the Arkansas Crime Information Center.

I gained valuable skills such as using a database and providing good customer service. I feel more confident about entering the workforce with these skills under my belt. Sure, I won’t be doing the same tasks but those skills are the foundation of being a good employee anywhere.

Finding an internship may be daunting but help is out there. Speak with your advisors, and attend Henderson’s career fair. You can even look online for opportunities that interest you. There are so many ways to find internships. Internships aren’t only offered after you graduate. You can intern during the summer while still an undergrad.

Internships can turn into a job or even a career. Take Amanda Gallucci for example. A 2013 graduate turned her 2012 paying internship in the New York office of Phoenix-based digital marketing agency iAcquire into a full-time position. After interning the summer following her junior year, she was able to persuade the firm to employ her full time. There are hundreds of stories out there just like Gallucci’s. This saying may be tired but it still rings true, opportunities are out there you just have to look for them. Happy Hunting!