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Henderson Housing Horrors

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If you are a student at Henderson State University, then it should come as no surprise that our housing situations are not always the best. To be more specific, the all-girls dorm, Smith Hall, has some shocking qualities, and I don’t mean shocking in a good way.

The building is infested with bugs. On several floors, roaches can be seen crawling about or spots where they have been stomped on and left too long for any possible staining to be cleaned. I have heard time and time again from various people that no matter how clean they keep their room, they have seen a roach in there on at least one occasion.  I don’t mean tiny roaches either. I mean huge, almost palm-sized roaches as well as smaller ones. A frequent visitor of mine, Elizabeth Solis, has stated “I have seen them in the hallways and the bathrooms. They are pretty big.” According to the source Terminix, people who have the profession and qualifications on pests, “Cockroaches produce proteins that some people can be sensitive to, particularly those with asthma. The trails of fecal matter and decaying molted exoskeletons that roaches leave behind also contribute to the allergens they produce. Roaches also carry bacteria, which can lead to the spread of disease as roaches crawl across food or surfaces in the home.”

On top of the bug infestation, the entire building has mold and mildew all over it. Although some of the mold issues have been resolved, that does not take away from the still lingering issues; they’re causing health problems among students, especially those with asthma or other breathing problems.

Next time you take a shower, try looking up. You will be able to see collections of mold spores and mildew. These things are not healthy to be living in, period. I know multiple accounts of students who live there that get sick all the time, myself included, because of it. It is understandable that part of the issue stems from people not taking care of their stuff or not throwing their trash away, however, a lot of this could be fixed if the school had higher standards for the general upkeep of the on-campus dorms. Set stricter rules of cleanliness for people to follow, do consistent checks for mold, and please just hire an exterminator. It is bad for our health and doesn’t make us want to recommend living on campus to other peers. We all pay too much money to live here to be put somewhere that is roach-infested and covered in mold.  

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Henderson Housing Horrors