Students Just Wanna Have Fun!

Part of our ongoing series "WTF HSU"

Students have also been complaining about the lack of entertainment on campus. The events that are held on campus rarely generate a big crowd. “They should email the students and ask them what they want to see on campus,” Roman Ross, junior aviation major said. “If we’re putting our money [towards] it, it should be something we enjoy.” Students also want to see Greek organizations hold more parties and events on campus. Senior political science major, Taylor Moore said, “I transferred from SAU, and there the fraternities hosted parties on campus. Each fraternity on campus got a big event to do [such as] Halloween, Mardi Gras, or a Back to School Kick Off. On Halloween, one fraternity threw one in the Mulebarn, which is comparable to the Rec Center here. Moore believes Greek involvement paired with more social events could keep students on campus. “Henderson could throw a back-to-school bash, it doesn’t have to be a fraternity event. In the spring, they could have water games on the quad. It would be best if they hosted these events on Friday evenings or Saturdays so it would be less of a suitcase college and less people feel the need to go home.”