Overpriced and Undercooked

Part of our ongoing series "WTF HSU"

This semester, Caddo has shown complete disregard for the well-being of Henderson students. Sodexo’s food has progressively gotten worse with stale and, at times, undercooked food items. There are many theories as to why this has gone on for so long and why this was allowed to happen in the first place. Some students propose that the administration has been trying to save money due to recent budget cuts. Others question if Henderson just doesn’t care. No matter the reason, the bottom line is students want answers.

There are numerous students on campus with varying food needs. Nena Igbokidi, junior pre-med major and a vegetarian knows this all too well. ”I’m not fond of the limitations they have concerning people’s diet and nutrition needs,” Igbokidi said. “I don’t eat meat or dairy so I find myself having to be very innovative with my meals in the Caddo.”

Students are tired of the same options, and bad food conditions. However, most don’t have any other options outside of Chick-fil-A or Reddie Grill, and cooking for yourself can be expensive and time-consuming. “A lot of times I feel like it’s a constant rotation of the same thing,” Destiny Buckley, sophomore pre-law major said. Not only have students complained about the lack of food selections offered they’ve also complained about the health dangers as well. “I have also heard of people getting food poisoning after eating Caddo food. Something has to change,” Buckley added.