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Faculty Member Voices Complaints

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As with most students on campus, some faculty have problems with the way things are being run at HSU. I had an interview with a faculty member, who would like to stay anonymous, about the issues they find most pressing.

The source says, “There is a problem with raises in equity salary compensation when it is happening across the board. People are divided among ranks in their fields, so wouldn’t it make sense to be paid the rightful amount for that rank? Going across the board makes the pay-gaps bigger and broader.”

    The faculty member wanted to stress that “this needs to remain number one priority… we need to make sure people are getting equitably compensated.”

    The employee understands that this plan was suspended due to a dip in enrollment over the past couple of years. However students are enrolling more, and the projected enrollment rate is high. “Keep moving forward,” the source said.

Another issue on campus is the funding for student and faculty travel. Some departments at Henderson have funding set aside specifically for travel reasons, however others do not.

    In this faculty member’s department, they have little to none. Recently, there was a trip to a convention. Three students were able to attend on funding received from the Student Activities Board, however, this faculty member was not.

    They had already used what little money they had for travel on a convention they had to speak at and therefore, they were not able to get any funding from the faculty side of administration. To be able to go on this trip to accompany their students, they would have to pay their own way.

    Is this fair to the students having to go on this trip? Students rely on college to build their academic, as well as professional resumes. Therefore, the students of Henderson need to be able to go on these trips in order to build these resumes.

    Some students are not comfortable traveling across the country without their faculty there to assist them. It may be better with the faculty there so they feel empowered and more welcome by the college in their progressions as a professional in their field. If the projected enrollments keep coming in like they are, then each department should have some money budgeted for travel.

    Travel funding is typically reserved for travel abroad. However, most students only travel nationally. This faculty member is wondering if the proposed budget could be broadened to include all forms of travel.

    The employee also wants the academic furnishings to be updated, something they think a lot of people on campus could agree with. They find that left-handed students are having difficulty using the tiny desks they are given.

    The source also thinks that the administration could give bigger desks with separated chairs to provide the students with nice desk space and the ability to use either their left or right hands. The source says, “Surroundings really speak to your experience.” They think the administration should ask the instructors and survey how they use the room to figure out the best layout for the furnishings in those rooms to get the best result.

    The source wants to stress the fact that they do not want to use this as a “slam” on any part of campus administration. They are “just coming forward to keep this on the forefront… it is all about communication… we can grow this university.”

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Faculty Member Voices Complaints