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Since I began attending HSU, I have been overcome with the feeling of utter confusion.

My first real-life experience of Henderson was move-in day. There was such a lack of parking that I had to carry boxes upon boxes of stuff across campus to get to my room. The first thought that entered my mind was, “why is there no parking for East Hall?” There is parking for the Sodexo workers, where we are not allowed to park or face being towed. There is limited parking at the Rec, however, that is intended for the people spending time working out and being healthy humans, not for bums like me who just lay in bed eating Hot Cheetos and watching “Say Yes to the Dress.” Why do I have to suffer through walking across campus every day just because I chose to live in that specific dorm? Unless I moved to Smith, with its loads of problems, there seems like no hope. Sometimes I have meetings that get out at night, and how am I supposed to feel safe walking across campus when it is dark outside, especially with no cameras to document if anything were to happen?

Therein lies problem number two. How is anyone supposed to feel safe on campus with no security? The parking lots are unsupervised to the point of property being stolen out of vehicles. Why is this happening? We pay money to this school and we want to make sure we are safe on this campus. We were told from the get-go that Arkadelphia and HSU were the “safe places to live,” why is that not proving to be true? On the rights which this country was based, we were guaranteed the right to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. How can we be guaranteed these if we are not secure in our place of living?

Another safety violation is food. I, personally, refuse to eat from Caddo unless necessary. I don’t trust it. I mainly eat chicken, but when your chicken comes to you red, you become a little mistrusting to the rest of their food, as well.  Their food is a disgrace, especially since we pay such a sum for a meal plan. Since I live in a dorm, I have to have swipes in the Caddo. This is a flawed design since I don’t eat there. I just use all of my DCB and then my cash to eat elsewhere. If I know I am not going to eat there, then why should I pay to be able to do just that? The few select times I may go is when there is an event, such as Reddie Day, on campus when they try to play up their food for the prospective new students. Other than that, I mostly refuse.

If Henderson is so worried about their appearance, then why do they continue to keep our living conditions so poor? They keep making purchases such as scooters, while buildings are everything but falling to the ground. They try to hide it when people visit, but there is only so much you can hide. When the dorms have bugs on the 3rd floor, you begin to get suspicious of the other things the campus has to offer, the things you might not want to receive.

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